by Nick Gerken Music

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released February 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Nick Gerken Music Corvallis, Oregon

i'm just a guy who likes writin music and playin guitar! i'm tryin my best!

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Track Name: Get Thru It All
Come on and let your animal crawl thru your air tunnel
Open your mandible and let out the sounds
Feeling the physical fire in your entrails
Sound all the sirens and shout it out loud

Covered in blankets and held by a witch’s hand
Visions of Samarkand piercing the grey
Ice in your teeth from a season of sleep
What you need is to free all your sunlight today

You’re drowning in the deep

Come on and get thru it all
You’re gonna get thru it all
You’re gonna get thru it all

You’re talking in your sleep

Trap doors and tambourines painted in tangerine
Turquoise and amber exploding in blue
Balloons and bicycles, applesauce zydeco
Bubbling and bursting and bouncing thru you

You’re talking in your sleep

Come on and get thru it all
You’re gonna get thru it all
You’re gonna get thru it all
Track Name: New Love
Are you coming over? Should I leave some dinner out?
I’m still wearing your sweater, I’m still thinking about your mouth

I’ve fallen in love with you,
and you’ve already written your name on the walls
I can’t help but think of you
I can’t help but fall, I can’t help but fall

If I was quiet, it’s cause I didn’t wanna make a noise
And if I didn’t want to kiss you, it’s cause I wanted to hear your voice

Fall in you
Fall into
Lips like falling asleep, lips like fresh fruit
Fall into new love

How sweet is a moment before it’s over
Now we use these moments before we’re older

Fallin asleep, breathing, tell me if I’m dreamin
Take me up as far as you can go, and give me everything
Because I want it all, and I know

I’m fallin I’m falling for you
I’m fallin into
Baby will you catch me, will you reach down from above
Because I’m falling in new love